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Bigg Boss 14 Voting, How to Vote for Contestants Online, BB14 Voting Poll Online, Ways to vote for your favourite contestants in Bigg Boss Season 14.

Bigg Boss 14 Voting Poll Online : Steps to Vote for your Favourite Contestants

Hello Friends Your Bigg boss TV Show works on the elimination basis. Every week one contestant is eliminated from the show, nearly 3-4 contestants are evicted every week, and then voting is done to save the participants. The Bigg Boss contestant with the lowest votes has to leave the show.

Bigg Boss 14 Vote (Online Voting Polls) Voot App, Eviction Details

Voting process including with contestants list, status, elimination and eviction details.

Bigg Boss Season 14 has been premiered on 2nd October 2020 on Colors Television. The launch episode title was ‘Bigg Night’. This 14th season of Bigg Boss show, announced contestants are competing in Solos. This is first time, Bigg Boss is happening in Filmcity, India, which makes more exiting for the viewers. One of the most popular Actor Salman Khan returning to host for Bigg Boss Season 14 and it’s 12th time he worked as a host of this show.

Check all Bigg Boss 14 contestants here

Bigg Boss 14 Vote

Bigg Boss 14 reality Show aired on Colors TV, has been leading the TRP charts for all time. This 14 season of Bigg Boss Show began with 14 contestants includes all Celebrity Solo Contestants. Each Week will nominate their fellow housemates for eviction. The nominated contestants remain in the ‘Danger-Zone’ until one of them is evicted via viewer’s voting at the end of the week. So it is very important to every viewers to save their favorite participants from eviction cast by vote correctly.

Bigg Boss 14 Vote through online is one of the best way. The Viewers are the most targeted point of the show. To save favorite contestant from eviction by giving our precious votes before the deadline. We all have to aware of this show’s voting format that can help authority to make sure who is best or not. So, below we describe the methods with which you can cast your vote for your favorite star to make winner.

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Week Voting 2021 Details

Bigg Boss voting helps you to predict about the eviction of the contestants. in BB14 Every week the audience have to vote to save their favourite contestants out of the nominated participants. You will witness an eviction of one contestant each week on Sunday. The list of nominated members will air every week on television and as well as on the online streaming platform. Here you will found the Bigg Boss voting polls. Bigg Boss will conduct public poll every week where anyone can cast their vote.Here You can Vote To all Contestants of bb14.bigg boss 14 finale voting

Viewers can vote through:

  • Colors Website Or Voot Website
  • Through Mobile App – Voot app can be downloaded through play store or apple store

You Can Directly vote on Bigg Boss Here


Anubhav Shukla Bigg Boss 14 Voting

अभिनव शुक्ला के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Abhinav Shukla नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर अभिनव शुक्ला की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Eijaz Khan Bigg Boss 14 Voting

ऐजाज खान के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Eijaz Khan नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर ऐजाज खान की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Jaan Kumar Sanu Bigg Boss 14 Voting

जान कुमार सानू के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Jaan Kumar Sanu नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर जान कुमार सानू की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Jasmin Bhasin Bigg Boss 14 Voting

जश्मिन भािसन के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Jasmin Bhasin नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर जश्मिन भािसन की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14 Voting

िनक्की तंबोली के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Nikki Tamboli नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर िनक्की तंबोली की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Nishant Malkhani Bigg Boss 14 Voting

िनशान्त िसंह मलखानी के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Nishant Malkhani नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर िनशान्त िसंह मलखानी की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Pavitra Punia Bigg Boss 14 Voting

पवित्रा पुिनया के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Pavitra Punia नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर पवित्रा पुिनया की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Rahul Vaidya Bigg Boss 14 Voting

राहुल वैद्य के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Rahul Vaidya नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर राहुल वैद्य की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Rubina Dilaik Bigg Boss 14 Voting

रूबीना के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Rubina Dilaik नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर रूबीना की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Sara Gurpal Bigg Boss 14 Voting

सारा गुरपाल के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Sara Gurpal नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर सारा गुरपाल की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Shehzad Deol Bigg Boss 14 Voting

शहज़ाद देओल के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी Shehzad Deol नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर शहज़ाद देओल की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

ALY Goni Bigg Boss 14 Voting

aly gony के िलए वोट कैसे करें : जब भी नॉिमनेट हो तब www.Voot.com पर Voting Lines में जाकर एली गोनी की फ़ोटो पर िक्लक करके वोट करे।

Bigg Boss 14 Vote Online through Voot.com

According to the previous version of bigg boss show vote announced on Voot.com. It is very best. easiest & fast way of voting through online. A viewers can vote online just need a smartphone with a internet browser that supports the ‘World Wide Web’.

The Desktop, Tablet & other technology users can join Bigg Boss 14 Vote online voting process. Voot.com is very authoritative website that you can easily vote your favorite participants with it. So the details method is given below you just follow all steps carefully.

Step 1: Open Your Browser and got to (www.voot.com).

Step 2: Now, register yourself with necessary data like, entering your name, email id and password. Here you also use alternative way that mean you can sign up with your Facebook Account or Gmail Account as second fast option.

Step 3: After successful registering yourself, Login this website using your user id & password.

Step 4: Click on ‘Bigg Boss 14′ button from the top menu bar and click on “Vote Now” option.

Step 5: Now you can see the nominees list that now appear on your screen. So your favorite participants radio button and click submit button to cast vote to save your star from eviction.

Also comment below whom you would like to save this week. We will vote for you.

Note 1 :- 1 phone = 1 vote, more than one count by the same phone will not count by the Bigg Boss 12 team.

Note 2 :- You will not be charged for any Bigg Boss 14 votes.

This is very simple and very fast method of voting and i think you can successfully cast vote your favorite contestants. Now let’s have a look at the second method of voting like vote using Voot Mobile App.

Bigg Boss 14 Voting voot App

Download the Voot App from play store. Vote for your favorite contestant. For more details visit the Colors TV website or Voot.com.

Bigg Boss 14 Voting via MyJio App

Bigg Boss 14 VOTE on My Jio APP | How to Vote for Bigg Boss 14 on MyJio

1. Download the MyJio App to your Mobile
2. Logon to your My Jio Account using your credentials
3. Click on the Bigg Boss 14 Voting Window Banner
4. You will see the list of nominated contestants
5. Click on the Image to whom you wants to save from the elimination
6. Submit your Votes. Happy Voting for Bigg Boss 14!
Bigg Boss 14 Nominations and List of Contestants on MyJio App or website will be updated every week. Submit your Votes to give support to your favorite one.

Voting lines for the eliminated contestant will remain open for 6 days. The host Salman Khan will announce the name of the contestant with lowest votes on Sunday.

Bigg Boss 14 is started on the Colors channel, final contestants are declared. It would be damn exciting to watch the fight between the commoners of the same family and contestants.

Bigg Boss 14 Voting Faq’s

How can I vote in Bigg Boss 14?

Yes You can vote on voot.com & Voot app via some easy steps.

How can Check Bigg Boss 14 voting result?

you can check on our site via this poll result, just by clicking result.

How to check Bigg Boss Voting Trends This week?

this week there are many trends are coming. check on this page and get about latest voting trends of Bigg Boss 14 Voting.

How can I contact Bigg Boss?

Hello Friend You can contact voot or Colors official Site for More info.

Who has highest vote in Bigg Boss 14 this week?

this week highest votes Numbers can check in Poll graphs.

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